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STOCK SALE -25%: Organic Ethiopia Birbirsa - natural


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STOCK SALE: We need space for new coffees! Therefore, our organic Ethiopian Birbirsa is only available for a short time - but in a special offer of -25% :)

natural, 2000-2178m
Variety: 74112
Cup Score: 88

Cup Profile: dried fruit, dates, blackberry, bergamot, jasmine, chocolate.

This coffee variety 74112 thrives under old shade trees. The name 'Birbirsa' comes from the Oromo language and means "tree that lives long and has wide leaves". 21 small farmers with a farm size of about 2 hectares contributed to this lot. The cherries are dried directly on raised beds. Many areas of Ethiopia suffered from drought in 2021/22. This made access to the necessary water for coffee processing difficult, so coffee farmers focused more on this water-saving natural processing of high quality coffees.

Preparation recommendation:
Aeropress (inverted)
French Press
Espresso (portafilter)
Mocha pot

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