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Espresso recipes

Recipe Espresso (portafilter)

Recipe for 2 servings or a double espresso:

1. Remove portafilter and wipe dry

2. Rinse (flush) brew group

3. Finely grind 17-19g of coffee (for a sieve with a diameter of 58 mm)

Tip: We recommend a 2:1 ratio of water to coffee

4. Press coffee firmly into portafilter with punch (tamper)

5. Clamp portafilter and start brewing (this should take between 20 and 30 seconds)

6. Tip: Stir the espresso 3 times (to distribute all flavors evenly)

7. Enjoy

Mocha pot recipe

1. Fill hot water to the valve in container

2. Insert strainer and fill with medium-fine ground coffee

3. Screw pot together and place on stove over medium heat

4. Once the stream that comes out is steady, the brewing process is complete

5. Remove pot from stove and cool under water (to finish brewing)

6. Enjoy.

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