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Filtercoffee recipes

Recipe hand infusion (Pour Over)

Recipe for 2 servings:

1. Heat water to 94-97°C

2. Insert paper filter and rinse with hot water (remove runaway water from vessel)

3. Pour in 30g freshly ground coffee (coarse like semolina) - surface should be leveled

4. Moisten coffee evenly with 60g of water and wait 30 seconds (pre-brew or blooming)

5. Pour water in a circular motion to a total of 500g, brewing should take between 2:30 and 3:30 minutes

6. Enjoy.

Recipe Aeropress (inverted)

1. place paper filter in strainer and rinse with hot water (preheat drinking vessel)

2. insert press cylinder about 1 cm deep into brewing chamber and place upside down on scale

3. Pour in coffee (we recommend 14-19g, depending on the coffee, slightly finer ground than for hand brewing)

4. Moisten coffee with about twice the amount of water (pre-brewing or blooming)

5. After 30 seconds, fill up with remaining water (200-220ml)

6. Stir 3 times

7. Place strainer with filter and twist closed

8. Carefully tip entire Aeropress onto drinking vessel

9. Press cylinder down (entire brewing process should take no longer than 2:30 minutes)

10. Enjoy

Recipe French Press (Stamp Pot)

Recipe for 1 liter or 4 servings:

1. Pour 60g of coarsely ground coffee into pot (same ratio for 30g of coffee 500ml of water)

2. Pour 1 l of water at 94-97°C and stir 3x

3. Put lid on and let brew for 4 minutes

4. Remove lid and stir again 3x (let coffee sink briefly)

5. Skim off foam crust with spoon

5. Push through plunger

6. Pour coffee into cups or other preheated container (to finish brewing)

7. Enjoy

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