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Ethiopia Duwancho - natural


mango, passion fruit, blueberry, caramel, orange peel, floral and tropical fruits

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natural, 2100-2200 m
Variety: Mixed Heirloom Varietals

This microlot is named after the fruit Duwancho, which can be found in the Sidama area in Ethiopia, because of its incredible fruity cup profile.

279 farmers of the Keramo village contributed cherries for this microlot. With the small and limited production, it's possible to focus on the quality and use only the best cherries.

The cherries are sorted by floating (unripe cherries float and are separated) and afterwards moved to African raised beds, where they are constantly turned for 13-15 days to maintain a controlled and uniform drying process.

Daye Bensa is a local, community-based production and export company founded in 1996. They do not only reward consistency in both volume and quality for the farmers with additional bonus payments, they also run an out-growers program to benefit farmers during off-season. Besides that, the company takes mesures to improve healthcare access, utilities, education and transport infrastructure in the region.

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