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Colombia Nestor Lasso Sidra - anaerobic natural


cherry, lemon shortbread, red apple, dark chocolate, lemongrass, silky body, malic acidity

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Nestor Lasso, El Diviso, Huila
Varietal: Sidra
anaerobic natural, 1850 m

The latest coup from Nestor Lasso in our range!

This exceptional coffee was produced on the El Diviso farm by Nestor Lasso, a third-generation coffee farmer. The family farm extends over 18 hectares of land on which a wide variety of coffee varieties are grown - 80,000 coffee trees grow at an altitude of between 1700 and 1850 meters.

Processing: The cherries are picked at the optimal ripeness (determined by the ideal sugar content), pre-sorted and stored in barrels until they reach a PH of 4.5. They are then floated in cold/ambient temperature water to remove impure and void cherries.

This is followed by a 50 °C thermal shock. The cherries are then stored in jars where the anaerobic fermentation phase begins. Yeast is added during the fermentation at 35 °C for 80 hours. Afterwards the coffee is transferred to a mechanical drying system, where the cherries are dehydrated as quickly as possible. Finally, the cherries are placed on African drying beds until they reach their target humidity after around 15 days.

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