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-15% Ecuador Las Terrazas del Pisque - washed | LAST BATCH 03/06


pineapple, orange, caramel and honey notes, balanced and complex body, low acidity

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Arnaud Causse, Pichincha
washed, 2000m
Varietal: Caturra

The best way to integrate coffee plants into a forest? Well, by planting the forest yourself and creating a whole ecosystem in the middle of the desert. Sounds almost a little utopian - but with his decades of experience as an agricultural engineer, Arnaud Causse has done just that on his farm Las Terrazas del Pisque, creating a flagship project (more on this below).

Having already had the Pacamara in our range last year, this year we have opted for a washed processed Caturra. The Roast is incredibly balanced in the cup and impresses with its complexity - with every sip you dive deeper into the many layers of this coffee.

Processing: The cherries are pulped on the day of harvest, fermented for 24 hours, then washed and finally dried in the shade for 8 to 12 days.

Located on the Pacific side of the Andes, Las Terrazas del Pisque is not just a coffee farm, but a unique ecosystem. No pesticides are used here - tagetes, lavender and rosemary protect the coffee plants from insects with their essential oils and attract bees, which also make an important contribution to the circular economy. Legumes are grown to fix nitrogen in the soul; fruit trees are home to various birds that keep the fruit fly larvae at bay.

We are delighted to have another coffee from Arnaud Causse in our program; we were very impressed by his holistic approach to coffee cultivation. And not just us: as Transition Director at green coffee importer Belco, Arnaud Causse has been responsible for some time for passing on this knowledge to other producers and training them to grow coffee in an environmentally friendly way. Find out more here!

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